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on. >> viewer's tip fights crime. shocking crime this fugitive is3 accused of. >> reconstructing evidence, how this art work could help to how a small stretch of sidewalk, ended up ccsting baltimore city tens of thousands of dollars. wbff tv in baltimore, this isrom ffx 45 news "late edition". we are ttacking hurricane earl, as it makes the way closer to maryllnd. >> jeff abell stands by live in ocean city with a look at howú at this time. already begun o taae preliminary precautions. %-woost of his storm.ting the here in ocean city, todayy the surf has been way up. there have beee plenty of rescues todayy even minor injuries. and while ocean city is
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expecting damaae from this storm.ú city leaders saa ttday say they are finding it hard to prepare >> since we do anticipate theú storm passing off the shore, about 200 miles offshore, froo ocean city, we are going to get some tropical winds. we will experienceesome flooding, in very low lying where we typicaaly get flooding and beech erosion and rrugh surf, so have to deal with it. >> wwll, despite that, city leaders are still expecting a bannee weekend here in ocean city today. but they do tell those coming to the city, not to begin to travel until all thh storm has passed. -e're live in ocean city today. jeff abell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thann you very much jeff.3 >> as hurricane earl moves so close to the state. state emergency crews get prepared. at the maryland emergency headquarters, it is uiet at this hour. but a lot of work is eing doneú behind the scenes. plans, went into action ssnday.
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and mema is communicating with local jurisdictions, at least aggressive as to what actions we do. laat night is an example, governor o'malley, mayor me gan from ocean ccty, and i had a conference aa 990 to diicuss the ú%sues anddweebecome involved at the local level. >> mema will communicate with jurisdictions every four hhurs during the storm. >> boaatrs reminded to plan ahead. remove any valuables from the3 dock boats, including insurance information. and consider docking boats out of the water in covereddstorage. boaas that stay in the water safe areas with fendersely in installed. they urge ppople not to stay on board boats during storms. >> what does earl bring toothis area here? >> here is vytas reid with some of the answers, vytas? >> you can see frrm the national weather service. moss of the area along the -hesapeake bay, we have
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problems. zoominggin. -e have coastaa floods advisories, or watches up for the western edge of the bay, as we see the water lapping up creaaing flooding. and out on the waterways, of the atlantic, we do have hose tropical storm forred winds out there. ú% tropical storm warnings ocean city, bethany beach and also ver toward rahobeth, ifú youuaae going out there i do not recommend getting into thee3 wwter, because of strong surge strong category 4 storm. 120-08388miles per hour intensifying over the last half hour. looking at gusts at 167 miles per hour. and in fact, looking at the track of the torm. as a categorr category 4 becomia of the carolinas and passing maryland. but still ttopical force winds, 40 to 0 mmles per hourrwinds. heavy rain. aad pooential surf that could be created by the storm. %-with the modelldata.le track. computer model runs.
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showing that most of them are in agreement that it stays over th3 atlantic. but it will be a close call, 200 iles to 300 miies off the coast. it could track still closer. so we have to waach this closely over the next couple of days. i will have a closer ook at how %-will affect your weekend heren coming up in few moments. >> thaak you, vytas, you can keep rack of the storm online. get the latesttinrmation on where the hurricane is expected to go by goiig to %-coverage from ocean city, in l of our fox 45 newwcasts. >> earlier this evening, we asked you are you changing youu labor day plans because of 11 percent say yes. 90 percent say no. surf ii going to be too rough. i will stay home and use my own -ool. >> but gus writee on ourú website..3 i don't need to change my plans, i am going west..3 >> another big story toddy. hhstage situation at the
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discovery channel building. in silver spring. jennifer davis reporttspolice shot down the gunman and all the hostagessmade it out safely. >> with an angry gunman taking hostagee police evacuate 1900 employees from insiie of the discovery chhnnel headquaaters in silver spring maryland. roughly four hours later, police and swat eaa officers shoot suspect james j lee,,a mannwith a long history being angry over discovery's environmental programming. our tacticaa units moved in, they shot the suspect. the ssspect is deceased. >> there ere frightening moments as the drama unfolded. evacuateing 100 children ffom a day care ccntee. >> witnesses told pooice lee was armed and wearrng what look like ú%tallic can nissters died tote body whee he entered. they watched him on close ccrcuit tv. he took three people as
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alllunharmed in thh end. >> we believe that he also came in, ith two boxes and 2 backpackss that we expect mayú hhve explosive devices ii them. >> lee carried out ppotests against the discovery channel in print ads and on his personalú website called save the planet indicated a homeless shelter as his hhoe address. 500 feet away from the discovery building. his probation ended two weeks >> authorities say even thoughh3 they were fammliar wwth the suspect, before this incident. it will take time to figure ut escalate the protest to this %-in silver spring, jjnnifer3 davis, fox news. >> tonight, fox 45 news has learned that one of thh hostages was james mcnalty, senior writer and producer at tlc network. he is doing fine and questioned by invvstors.
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-> you helped police apture a ú%n suspecttd of raping a ú%year-old irl and giving her a std. this is the scene at the warranú apprehension task force ii baltimore city. pplice taking calls as fox 45 news profiled 33-year-old michael waters. ú%sed on information receivedd3 from thhse calls, police were able to capture waters, today. >> we hadda tip thaa michael waters was innthe area of glen -urnie, based on that tip, we went out to get him. anddthere hh wws. >> waters has been charged with chhld sex abuse. ú%e all the wanted people, in our fugitive files, by clicking the news features section. new tonight. a baby-sitter in hagerstown s facing several counts of abusin3 the -year-old girl in her care.
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alive in sitter, last month, the pornographic video of her daughter, on taaker's laptop. ú%tectives seized the computer. found the video. and confirmed that tasker was in the room whhn it was made..33 conviction onnall of the charges would rrsult in a sentence of 116 years in prisoo. >> baltimore county police have created a facial reconstruction. ffom decomposed human remains they found in 2007. forensic artist cceated the model usinggthe skull. the victim is described as a white or hispaniccfemale, 5'2, 102 ounds. >> the autopsy is not able to reveal the cause or manner f death. we don't know if it is foul play. or an accidental or suicide. we wouud like o try to gettthe answers. >> er body waa found in august of 2007, off the batavvaafarmú road.
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anyone that recognizes this woman or has information call baltimore county police at 866-7-lockupp >> king pen of a drug emmire and 2 otters taken down by the feds. authooities say stephen blackwell was the leader of a heroin rrng. now according to the innictment, federal prosscutors want to seize $10 million in drug cash, from those suspects. if they don't cough up the money, prosecutors will be seiiing assets which include, a $750,000 hour along tte elk river. %-up in a situation where wind comes back home, in the meantime ú%s million dollars hooe he put in the name of his mother, father, sister, brother, -hildren. >> blackwell arrested in new york city. no word when blackwell comes but when he does he will be arraigned within two weeks. >> we got likee2 and a half hours to get out. so we have to buugy on.ú >> north caroliin braces for hurricane earl.
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>> maryland's economic recovery is ssill sputtering. state revenue is actually above earlier projections, but as john rydell reports, nee numbers show maryland is not insulated froo the national slow down. >> in historic annapolis, there traffic. but ome shopss here are not
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many buyers. so this women's lothing store has shut down. they are looking for bargains. what can you sell? can you make a deal for me. it has been bad. it has been tough year. >> old general store on main street has shut downn that's because the long time owner died. but friends say he, and other busiiess ownerss still suffered ú%om theelingering reccssion. >> couple of days of the week, consisttnnly would be good. and then it bottoms ouu. and it is tough to ust keep your bills going, and your income up. >> state sales and income tax revenue ddclined by 3.7 peecent from the year before. buttgovernor o'malley said therú are a few positive signs. >> we'reestill coming out of the recession. we still have a lot of work to do. but with five months in a row, of positive job growth, we are also seeing some growth in our3 revenues. >> but republican challenger would be better offf if the state reduced its sales tax.
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from 6 percent,,too percent. >> we cannot afford not to do3 this. this is a very important element in our business environment. fiscal year with a balance of $334 milliin, treasure nancyú cobb said it is nnt a surplus. >> we don't have extra money to spend. this is not extra ccsh. %-anticippted deficit. the faces a projected deficit, cobb said it is a remiider that the state annot spend money itt3 doesn't have. in annapolii, john rydell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> state lottery revenues for last year weee down 3 percent from earlier projections. the city installedd1700 feet of rubber sidewalk, on ppatt street dowwtown. as part of a pilot rogram city leaders were told the rubber wouud last three times
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longer than reregular ordinary turns out the rubber sidewalk did not llst three years. -> we're not going tooppt any the city at this time. because we did not like the way three years later what appened. it failed so missrably and did not meet tandards. they should go back and ask for a refund. >> it ccst hree times more thaú concrete. and the city ssent another eight grand repllcing the rubber with3 a concrete sidewalk. >> it is our duty to hold our gooernmenn accountablee you can heep us out by going to our fox 45 waste waach. online. if you see government waste call our otline, (410)662-1455. you can also go to nd click on waste watch. >> the statt senator charggdd3 prince george's county senator currie was indicted today. -isclosing that hh did that.out
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as chairman of the budget and taxation committee until the matter is rrsolved. his attorney released aú statement today. the criminal charges brooght -oday y the u.s. attorney's office are unfounded and senattr currie will plead not guilty to those charges. >> on north carolina's coast line, sunny kies for noo. as hurricane earl churns up the waters down there. surfers are catching some of the summer's biggess wwves. but red danger flagg are out nd evacuations from okroko isllnn are busy. and many changing holiday weekend plans, all toorists on has thettess truss island ordered to go. >> we have 2 and a half hours to get out. so we haae to boogie on, and get it done. >> i don't buy it. i donnt buy it. >> you are ssaying? >> we're staying. >> forecasters expect arl's hit the coast line late
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thursday. >> well we continue tt have this beautiful hot weaaher heee. but hurricane earl is turning up somethinn for maryland as well. tracking earl for thee ast 3 or 4 days now. vytas? >> watch thing storm as it churns through the atlantic. looking out there right ow. notting to worry about. quiet condittons in baltimore. clear skies. it looks like temperatures are currently at 80. winds out of the south at six. humidity levels 62 percent. and t looks like a relatively quiet night after a hot day. ú-dangerous conditions that have been foomulating down there in the tropics. talking about hurricane earl. here. you an see down, when the hurricane hhnters fly into the storm. %-and nothing but clear skies.. skies from the lower levels of that. clear and strong. ann winds right now 138 miles per hour. and that presh surat
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9332 millibbrs. thatts the strongest and lowess so far. so this storm is strennttening. category 4 storm. change to a three. off the coast of the outer banks offthe carolinas. running closer to thht. anywhere in the cone of sent where the storm potentially trvls. closer to the coast line itúgoeú more damage orrswells from the storm we can see over the atlantic. but it looks like it will be off the coast of about 200 miles off the coast of the mid-atlantic. but it will cause ip currents out there. maybe some tropical storm force winds. 40 to 60 miles per hour. time line of this. looking at friday morning. early mornnng. at 6:00. to 8:00. starts to get the effects. all through the day to friday. evvn maybe a problemmon saturday. but it gets further nortth ú%swe head through the dayy still dealing with the watches and warnings out there..3 western edge of the chesapeake bay. ú%'re looking at the coastal flood watchhs. thht we will see. and then the ropical storm watches and warnings that are already issued.
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there for tomorrow. give it a day for it to pass. head out there maybe the next day. looking at sttte ttmperattres. 84 in ballimore. 84 in d.c. 83 in hagerstown. another hot day tomorrow. as that high pressure keeps ú-that high pressure is a savin% high pressuue helps to thwart the storm to the east. cold front punches ttrough as well. -imm ting out. clear skies for now. lookinging at the clouds gathering from the storm. see what times it arrives for ú%lks on easterr shooe. friday morning. through the afternoon. it will be heavy rain and winds out there. then the front comes through and east. -nd that is help for us. 86 and clear tonight. tomorrow looking at ssn ann clouds gathering later in the day. 93, hoo ay. sprinkle or two friday. 89. and 88 on satuuday. 80 sunday. 83 monday. pleasant conditions through he remainder portion of the weekend. -> a very %->> ravens boarded the charter
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this afternoon, for the trip to ú%. louis.
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ú%d preseason finale against the rams tomorrow night. -on't look for much from the this game is for the backups. rookies, to ssow that they belong. one of tte few positions not all ú%cked up is inside linebacker. alongside ray lewis. inside track. but gooden and she, anddellerbe still in the mix too. and john harbaugh said he is eepecting all of thhm to contribute. >> i really thinkk hose three guys, when it aal shakes out, see all three as starters. what you will find out is that one it is jamal and another it is donnelle. and the guy that starts is the package on the field. personnel wise. because we have good players, we want them on the field doing what they doobetter. so everybody wants to know theú stair, but all will play the same amount durrng a game. out thursday night but not at quarterback. third stringer r troy mith starts and plays the enttreú his longest playing time since
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his rookie year.3 heisman trophy winner in 2006, he could be on the ravens' andú you will needs to prove to the coaching staff he deserves a roster ssot over the likes of jasonnphillips or wide out reid. in st. louis. it is a homecoming for bol injury that pent 10 years as a meeber of the ramssand former fans apparently will not get to see him play. >> baseball, and the orioles. they came in tonight riding a four game winning ssreak buttnot easy. red sox hhd jon lester on the mound. lester came in 12-0 llfetime ú%ainst the bbrds. i guess someone forgot to tell them. camm out swinging against the boston right hander. bottom of the first. red sox leaa it 1-0. jones rips the double to left. lugo will come arrund to score. and marrakis comes arounddas well. and thh birds take the 2-1 lead. later, same inning. next pitch. lester with a wild pitch. wigginton scores that.
12:54 am
made it 3-1. now, peia still at the plate. watch this. later in the running rips it to right. off the score bored. that gets jones across the plate. o's hang up a four pot in the first innnng, it was 4-1. then in the bottom of the second. two out. wigginton knoxxin lieu goto score. 5-2 afttr twoo -hen the power came out. red sox get one back. drew gets all of that one. his 18th. made it 5-3. top seven. red sox all the way back. ú%utaro takes hendrickson over the wall, two run shot. fide tied at five after seven. and later, on, reddsox up. pitchhto left. it is gone. three run shot. his 24th. bosson snaps the oriole winning streak, at four. >> and the birds and red sox wrap up the series tomorrow night at camden yards. >> if you are going out to he fairgroundd it looks like
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another hot one tomorrow. 93, with sun. then few scattered clouds.
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. plenty of sunshine.. maybe a few clouds llte. shore, late thursday night and afternoon. so take about a day to get out to the beach and let the storm
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ride through. 89 friday. -aybe a brief shower across the state. 80 sattrday. 80 sunday. monday 83. weekend. back tooyyu. >> the weekend looks great.
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